Adjustable maststep with round cup EX1202 58,-
Round cup only EX1204 26,-
Base plate only EX1206 33,-
Spring lock keeper EX12071 5,-
8 mm nut, comes with EX12071 spring lock keeper EX1207 10,-
PTFE mast disk, 1 mm thick EX12072 3,-
Mast look EX1203 28,-
Standard nylon deck collar, black EX1208 10,-
Low friction Delrin deck collar, white EX1209 13,-
Deck collar only, grey EX12101 12,-
Mast sleeve only, grey
(as with Blackgold masts)
EX1211 6,-
Deck collar with mast sleeve, grey EX1210 17,-
Wind indicator MK2 Windesign PRO EX2021 23,-
Wane float EX2022 6,-
Mast Head Float 106495 42,-